Referring Veterinarians

Referral Services at Fort Street Veterinarian

We offer the following non-routine procedures if you have a patient that is in need:

  • Ultrasound
  • Echocardiogram
  • Radiographs

Please submit the medical history, presenting problem, and any relevant diagnostics you have conducted via email to Fort Street Veterinarian before the patient’s scheduled arrival. Completion of our online referral form is mandatory before any scheduling can take place.

Online Referral Form – URGENT (needs completed within 48 hours)

Online Referral Form – Non-Urgent

Note: If the appointment is urgent, kindly fill out the urgent form; for non-urgent cases, please use the non-urgent form. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Our doctors will exclusively share the test outcomes with the referring veterinarian to discuss the results with the owner. Additionally, we will direct patients back to their primary veterinarian for any ongoing care needs.