Customer Reviews

“We just had our first visit with Dr. Busselman this week because one of our 2 purebred Siberian cats wasn’t feeling well and we had become dissatisfied with our current vet. He was very kind and gentle with her while giving her a thorough exam. I received great information from Dr. Busselman and HE called personally the next day to give me her test results. Both of our special cats will be going here from now on- very pleased with the Dr. and all the staff who helped us!”

–Donna T.

“I cannot be anymore appreciative for what Fort Street has done for my animals. They’ve done a great job addressing their anxiety about coming to appointments and trying to make is easier on everyone. My dog has had some ongoing medical needs and Dr Tordrup has kept in touch with me via email to check on how My dog is doing and making sure we are feeling supported in decisions that are best for us and our animals while also remaining realistic. I can also say the same for Dr. Busselmen as well. Thank you both you have done these past 7 years we have been coming to you.”

–Sarah B.

“They are very good with our Vizsla and with our terrier mix. This office is not at all like the big box stores where you feel pressured to buy anything. All options were presented to us when our Vizsla had a large mast cell tumor removed last year and we chose to go ahead with his surgery. Not only were we charged far less than what was quoted to us at the big box store, we felt like they genuinely cared for our pet. I wont ever go anywhere else.”

–Allison J.

“I can’t recommend Fort Street highly enough. Their staff is all very kind and friendly. Our senior dog Johnny just passed away, but they did everything they could to try to save him but he was just too sick. My husband and I could tell that the staff truly cared about him and us. We couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”

–Ali M.

“Dr. Banks was professional and kind. I had a wonderful experience at Fort Street Vet and will continue to bring my animals here. They are knowledgeable, have a very clean and well kept facility, and made recommendations that were best for my pet.”

–Taylor S.

“Just love this place. I’ve been to a few other vets n they wouldn’t pay much attention to my dogs since they are pit bulls. Here they was open arms to them. Any questions I have the answer them over the phone. All around fantastic.”

–Steve M.

“Called my vet when my dog was shaking his ears whimpering and they got me scheduled within the hour. The vet was very thorough and the staff were very friendly and efficient. Overall great place from the front desk to the vet DVM Busselman. Thank you”

–Emily B.

“I would take my pets nowhere else. The vets love my animals and treat them as their own. Sweet people doing God’s work with our pets. Dr. Tordrup is the very best!! Nile and Isis love their Doctor and our late pup Eddie was treated so sweet in his last few years. I highly recommend Fort Street Vet for your pals too!”

–Mick O.

“Since moving to Omaha 8 years ago, we have taken our dogs to Dr. Busselman. Each time we come to visit, he takes the time to look them over meticulously, without it being uncomfortable for the dogs.

He has been absolutely brilliant through all of the stages of our dogs’ lives. When we first arrived we had two senior border collies, he was conscious of their ages, and the types of treatments they should receive. Now, we have two very youthful border collies. And he continues to be conscious of their ages and the type of care they should receive.

Recently, my 5 year old female gave us a good scare. After running a few tests, Dr. Busselman recommended us to a specialist. After a series of more tests with concerning results, there were a couple of options from which to choose. After the experience with the specialist, we did return to Dr. Busselman to get some clarification and his opinion. There was no questions as to who I would choose to do the procedure required. She came through with flying colors. Back to being a happy and healthy girl again. And we have the test results to prove it!”

–Sarah S.

“We have been going to Fort St since 2005 when we got our first dog. Their care and respect for our pets is excellent. They really care.”

–Dorothy T.

“We love Fort Street Vet. Our puppies have seen Dr. Banks and Dr. Tordrup and they’re both lovely. They have been very kind and patient during our little puppy’s visits even though he can be a little squirmy. Great vets and great overall staff!”

–Abbey M.

“We couldn’t thank Dr. Tordrup enough for discovering Ivy and her food allergy and is now select protein and no issues!

–Brooke W.