Pawesome Gift Ideas for your Pets


Your pets bring you–and us–so much joy throughout the year, we want to keep them happy and healthy during the holidays. Our doctors have “paw-picked” their favorite gift ideas for your dogs and cats.



Dr Tordrup Pet Gift IdeasDr. Tordrup recommends…

Pet Gift Ideas CatCatnip
It’s no secret–cats love catnip. This natural herb is a great way to encourage your pets to move and play.


Pet Gift Ideas DogChew bone
Dogs are designed to chew! A high quality dental bone offers good exercise for their jaws and their brains.


Dr Busselman Pet Gift IdeasDr. Busselman recommends…

Pet Gift Ideas CatPetsafe Smart Feeder
Keep your kitty fit and healthy with this automatic feeder. It allows you to portion and time your pet’s meals.


Pet Gift Ideas DogChristmas Sweater
Not only is a sweater festive and cute, but it will also keep your pooch extra cozy on chilly Nebraska days.


Dr Banks Pet Gift IdeasDr. Tordrup recommends…

Pet Gift Ideas CatCat Dancer
This interactive toy provides necessary exercise for your cat–and lots of fun for you!


Pet Gift Ideas DogRawhide 
Chewing a rawhide can relieve stress and keep your dog’s gums healthy.

Remember to remove the rawhide before it’s small enough to swallow.




Please remember homeless pets this holiday season. Dontate now! Toxic Holiday Treats & Foods