Introducing Your New Online Pet Pharmacy!

Fill Prescriptions, Buy Food & Pet Products

Our Onsite Pharmacy at our clinic was created years ago to save you time and money on your pet’s prescriptions. However, it’s never been possible for us to clinically fulfill all the medicine and food we prescribe… until today.

On our website, you’ll now find a portal giving you access to our new Online Pet Pharmacy powered by VetSource™. With just a click you now have access to pet medicines, prescription pet foods and other pet products. You can:

  • Order any of the prescribed medicines and foods we don’t stock at the clinic
  • Check it out now!Order other pet supplies such as flea, tick and heartworm prevention products
  • Have your orders delivered directly to your door on our behalf by VetSource


It’s fast, easy and convenient. Plus, we’ll still be able to fulfill prescriptions for many medicines and products here at the clinic.

With our Onsite Pharmacy + our NEW Online Pharmacy, your pets will get the prescriptions they need as quickly and affordably as possible.