Introducing Apoquel®: It’s Fast Relief for Itchy Pets

We’re pleased to announce that we now have a new drug available to help pets 12 months or older suffering severely with allergies and dermatitis.


Called Apoquel, this new med appears to be as effective as corticosteroids, but has fewer and less severe side effects. What’s more, it’s fast acting.


It typically starts providing itch relief within 4 hours

and controls it within 24.


Apoquel is a tablet that’s given twice daily for 14 days, then once daily for a length of time determined by your vet. It can also be given along with an antihistamine for a one-two punch to help reduce itch, inflammation, redness and swelling of the skin.


If your dog is tortured by allergies or dermatitis, you know that your pet’s misery quickly becomes yours. It can be very stressful to watch your dog dig, claw and chew at the skin uncontrollably day and night. However, with Apoquel we now have one more weapon in our arsenal to help you and your pet battle allergies and dermatitis and regain quality of life. Want to know more? Just call or email us today.