How Kenny the Cat Licked Allergies

How Kenny the Cat Licked AllergiesWhen Becky’s rescued kitty, Kenny, first began developing red bumps on his skin, she knew something was up.

“The bumps were primarily in his ears and he’d scratch them a lot,” she says. “Plus, he had a red raw spot on his belly from licking there, too.”

Becky took Kenny to Fort Street Vet and upon exam, Dr. Busselman diagnosed him with allergies.

Cat allergies

“Doctor B presented us with three treatment options,” she recalls. “He said that we could have Kenny tested and try to determine the allergen, but that seemed costly. Or we could try a course of steroids. Or we could try a medication called Atopica™* along with one-half pill of Zyrtec®. We chose the third option and it worked. Now, we typically give him the medications every other day, or daily if he has a flare up.”

While the meds helped with Kenny’s itching, the poor cat still had problems. He frequently vomited after eating.

Sensitive Stomach Cat Food“It’s common for pets with one allergy to have another sensitivity,” explains Dr. Busselman. “In Kenny’s case we suspected he had a food allergy and recommended a special diet.”

Again, the treatment worked. Today, Kenny is five years old, is seldom bothered by his allergies and daily eats Science Diet® Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin food with no problems. He spends his days happily hanging out with Becky’s other cat, her dog and 3 children, Sydney, Daisy and Maya.


“We joke that Kenny’s more like a dog than a cat,” Becky says with a smile. “He’s always following us around and is just a funny, gentle guy.”


* Atopica (cyclosporine capsules) USP MODIFIED is an immunosuppressant for the control of atopic dermatitis.