Have no fear! These tips will keep your pets safe on Halloween.

Halloween can be full of fun…and fear. Keep your furry family members safe and sound with these tricks and treats:

Halloween Safety Tip #1

Beware of unsafe costumes
If you plan to play dress up with your pets, be sure the costume isn’t too tight or annoying. Make sure the costume doesn’t cover your pet’s eyes, which can make them nervous or scared. Avoid any costumes with rubber bands, which can be a choking hazard and cause intestinal damage if ingested.

Halloween Safety Tip #2

Scaredy cats (or dogs)? Keep them in another room
With many strangers coming to the door in unusual costumes you should keep your pets away from the front door – especially if they’re particularly excitable or are prone to jump on guests.

Halloween Safety Tip #3

Treat your pets to a quiet night at home
If you’re heading out for a busy night of trick-or-treating or a costume party, consider leaving your pet behind. Also, do not leave your pet in the car while you trick-or-treat. Some pets may find it scary to be left in a dark car. Even the gentlest pets can lash out at friendly ghosts when they’re frightened.

Halloween Safety Tip #4

Make sure your pet’s ID tags are current
You’ll have peace of mind knowing your pet is easily identifiable in case Fido gets spooked and makes a run for it.

Halloween Safety Tip #5

Do not give your pet candy
An everyday rule of pet safety is to not feed them people food – especially candy on Halloween. Items including chocolate, foil wrappers and candy sticks are serious health hazards for your furry friends.

Halloween Safety Tip #6

Keep jack-o-lanterns and other decor out of reach
Candles do create a spooky glow, but make sure they’re not in a place where your cats or dogs can knock them over.

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