A Holiday Tail

2015 Holiday Greetings from Fort Street Veterinarian

Twas the holiday season and at Fort Street Vet
the staff was busy working to put the clinic to bed.

The exam rooms were cleaned and readied with care
for pets and their owners who’d next day be there.

Dr. R was in her office finishing up for the day
while Dr. T was busy checking some digital x-rays.

Brandy and Michelle were closing down the files
and Brooke was stacking pet treats into decorative piles.

When out in Reception there arose such a clatter
Doc B rushed right out to see what was the matter.

And what to his wondering eyes should appear
but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.

The little sleigh driver seemed so lively and quick
Doc knew in a moment that it must be St. Nick.

“I need a good vet,” Santa said with a wail,
“Poor Rudolph has something wrong with his tail!”

“Yes,” said the doc, “We’ll help, can do!
And don’t worry, we’ll hurry, kids are waiting for you!”

As quick as a wink the staff jumped into action
treating deer Rudolph for an allergic reaction.

Within minutes ole Rudy was ready to fly
and the sleigh was soon airborn, crossing the sky.

And they heard Santa shout as he started his rounds,
“Go to Fort Street Vet, the best ‘Re-Tail-er’ in town!”

2015 Holiday Greetings from Fort Street Veterinarian