Questions You Should Be Asking Your Veterinarian and Vet Clinic

How can you know if your vet clinic is “a good one?” Here are some questions to ask your veterinarian that may help you decide.

Remember, too…

  • Your veterinarian should be able to explain—in terms that you understand—treatment options for your pet, taking into consideration your feelings and opinions.
  • Your vet should be a good listener, paying close attention to your comments and concerns.
  • A quality veterinarian also knows that he/she has limits, and when necessary, is willing to refer you to a specialist if your pet has needs beyond their knowledge or experience.
  • A definite red flag should go up if a veterinarian says they can handle ALL of your pet’s situations and needs. Just as in human medicine, it is important to defer to a specialist when the need arises.

Ask Us These Questions and More!

At Fort Street Veterinarian, we pride ourselves on the quality of medicine and surgery we provide our patients and the customer care we provide their owners. We would love to answer any of your questions about your pet’s healthcare needs and why we consider our standard of care to be excellent.