Dr. Liz Jones is passionate about all aspects of caring for animals. She’s especially interested in preventative care, internal medicine, behavior and quality-of-life care.Dr. Jones is originally from Carter Lake, Iowa and also lived in Council Bluffs, Iowa until leaving for college. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in psychology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Arizona. She attended Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated with her doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2009.

“I love being a veterinarian because I love working with animals.  I love helping them to feel better when they are sick and I love helping them to live longer, happier/healthier lives.  Nothing brings me more joy than being witness to the love that exists between pets and their families.  I always joke that life is too short to allow me to have all the dogs I’d like to, but over the years I have realized that being a veterinarian lets me have all the dogs and then some!”

Dr. Liz JONES, BS, DVMWhen not at the clinic, she enjoys spending time with her family, going for walks and grooming her dogs. She and her partner have five children – one boy and the rest girls! They share their home with three dogs and three cats: Oliver, Wall-E, Drax, Phoebe, Ultimate and Flit.