Refer-A-Friend Rewards Program

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Get 75% Off Your Next Exam
Or 15% Off Your Next Product Purchase

We’re very grateful when you refer your friends and neighbors to us. That’s why we offer our Refer-A-Friend Rewards Program. Simply have your friend tell us when they schedule their appointment that you’ve referred them…or you can call us and tell us that…and we’ll give you 75% OFF either your next annual or standard exam* or 15% OFF your next product purchase. The more friends you refer, the greater your rewards because we will discount subsequent exams and/or subsequent purchases.


Some of the Details:

  • Your referred friend must book and keep appointment.
  • Use your reward discount for any doctor’s standard exam time. However, the discount applies to doctor’s exam time only, not surgical, dental or laboratory services or any adjunct services associated with the exam.
  • Multiple discounts can be accumulated for your future use. Multiple rewards discounts cannot be combined and applied to a single exam or single purchase.
  • Some further restrictions may apply.


THANK YOU! We appreciate your business and your support.