Laser treatments for pets

PHOTO: Your pet feels only a mild, soothing warmth transmitted by the pinkish colored laser light, and many pets relax during the process as they get relief.

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Pet Laser Therapy FAQs

FSV Pet Laser Therapy DeviceBasically, the laser light system transmits energy deep into tissue to stimulate cell regeneration and repair. The chemical change is called “photo-bio-modulation.” The treatment takes just minutes per target site. For example, if your pet has arthritis in the hips, the technician will probably treat your pet both on the right hip and the left for a few minutes each.

While the laser is in operation, eye protection is worn by the tech and by the pet owner if in the room. Your pet’s eyes are redirected away from the laser, or blocked by the positioning of the tech, or protected with a covering.

No incision is required. No tissue is damaged. No fur is even clipped. The process is painless and noninvasive.  In some cases, your pet can even remain in a carrier during the laser treatment if that’s where they’re most comfortable.

The treatment schedule will depend upon your pet’s condition and reason for treatment. In some cases, only a single treatment may be needed. In others, ongoing treatments may be recommended.

FSV Pet Laser Therapy Close UpThe red laser light produces heat so your pet only feels warmth. Most pets begin to relax during the laser treatment because as their pain is eased so is their anxiety.

In many cases, your pet’s behavior will be the biggest indicator. As your pet’s pain diminishes his or her spirits will improve, their activity will increase and they’ll appear more comfortable. If your pet is being treated for a cut or wound, you’ll see healing.

There are no known side effects.

Any recommended restrictions will be based upon your pet’s health and physical condition and won’t be because of the laser therapy.

Laser therapy has been around for decades; it’s been well researched and results documented. However, it wasn’t until recently that both technological and manufacturing advancements made it viable and affordable for pet owners.


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