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Thanks to These Terrific Customers for Their Video Reviews of Fort Street Vet

Josh shares how Dr. Busselman helped their dogs recover from a particularly rowdy “sibling rivalry” showdown.

Cathy says her 3 dogs Andy, Duffy and Ruby like coming to Fort Street Veterinarian because of how well the docs and staff treat them.

Geri tells how Dr. Tordrup went “above and beyond” to save her her little dog Molly, who was “very sick” due to a mix-up at another vet clinic.

Jorge and Joanna tell how Dr. Banks saved their puppy, Luna, and why it’s just one reason they recommend Fort Street Veterinarian.

Chandler explains why she’s a “very happy customer” of Fort Street Veterinarian and says her three, beautiful Rhodesian Ridgebacks are, too.

Although Molly the Mini Goldendoodle is a “complicated little dog,” she’s a happy, healthy client of Fort Street Vet and her owner, Ann, tells why.

Omaha Groomer Lori, owner of All About Dogs, tells why she recommends Fort Street Vet to family, friends and customers.

Meet Merry — and pets, Hudson & Presley — all favorites at Fort Street Veterinarian.


Here’s why Dean & Yoly — and pets, Johhny Modo & Mr. Magoo —  choose Fort Street Vet.

“Dr. Busselman is an evidence-based, scientific vet who does miracles with the new technology that has been recently introduced in treating renal failure in cats. As you can see in the video (below) our 15 year old Johnny Modo is doing fantastic with the treatment that Dr. Busselman put together; he is more active and has the energy of his 2 year old ‘brother’ Mr. Magoo, also in the video. We are appreciative of being given more time with our cat.”  – Dean and Yoly

Meet Randy, Rebecca & Caden — and Caden’s best friend, Cooper — Fort Street Vet “family members.”