We're Counting Our Blessings & You're on the List!

FREE Holiday Thank-You Gifts for Clients

In this hectic world, when we’re bombarded daily by negative messages, it can be easy to lose track of all our “positives.” That’s why this holiday season we want to share just a few of the reasons why we’re positively thankful.


Your pets are living longer.

  • Some studies say the average dog now lives to the age of 12 & the average indoor cat to 14.
  • A pet over the age of 15 wasn’t common years ago, but now we see many.
  • Why? Partly it’s due to advancements in veterinary medicine & nutrition but mostly it’s because of the love you pet owners show your furry family members.

Pets return the favor & help you live longer.

Research shows that pets help…

  • Reduce stress, anxiety & depression
  • Lower blood pressure, heart rate & cholesterol
  • Prevent strokes & heart attacks
  • And much more.

That’s why we say, “We treat pets & people alike.”*

We’re thankful that almost every month we save pets of all ages from certain death.

  • Most often due to early intervention by pet owners
  • Also because we’re continually finding new or better ways to help your pets survive.
  • Just this year we’ve been able to offer:
    • New allergy treatments & meds
    • New diagnostic resources such as advanced radiology & in-house histological analysis
    • Better prescription foods & supplements
    • And more

Dr. Tordrup’s “home team” has grown!

  • Dr. Tordrup gave birth to a healthy baby boy this past month. Mom, son, dad and big sis are ALL doing well.
  • We’re delighted to welcome the newest little Tordrup to the Fort Street Vet family; he’s an extra special holiday gift!

Above all, we’re grateful for YOU…

To show how much we appreciate your business and support, we’re giving a FREE BAG OF PET TREATS to any client who asks…from now until the end of the year or while supplies last. So stop on in!
Each bag is customized for a cat or dog with yummy treats your pet will love. Due to limited quantities, please ask for just one cat and/or dog goodie bag per household; bags cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.