Some Plants and Mulches Pose Big Threats to Pets

Cocoa bean mulch, found in many garden centers, looks pretty and smells like chocolate but it can seriously harm—even kill—your dog!

Dogs, like humans, are attracted to it but the cocoa bean shells contain two compounds highly toxic to dogs—theobromine and caffeine—also found in chocolate. The risk to your pet depends on his or her size, the amount of mulch ingested and the amount of theobromine in the mulch, which varies widely depending on the brand. In addition, cocoa mulch can also contain pesticides.
For the safety of your pet, seek other more dog-friendly mulches. If you suspect your dog may have ingested cocoa bean mulch, contact us right away.

Some Pretty Plants Can Be Poisonous to Your Pets, Too

Warm weather is finally here and most of us can’t wait to add beautiful flowers to our gardens, decks and patios. However, be cautious in your selection because there are some that can be deadly to your pets.

Before you purchase and plant this year, you may want to check out our list of  “Top 10 Plants Poisonous to Pets” as well as this list from The ASPCA.