How to Care for Your Pets when Man or Mother Nature Sets Off Fireworks

It’s that time of year when outdoor noise levels increase substantially due to seasonal storms and outdoor fireworks. If you’ve a pet that reacts poorly to loud noises, there can be emotional fireworks in your home, too.

Tips for Calming Your Pet:

  • Stay calm and project an air of confidence. Pets are sensitive to their owners’ feelings and your stress can increase theirs.
  • Don’t give your pet excessive attention. This may reinforce his or her behavior. For example, your may pet think you’re praising her if you constantly pet and comfort, or think that you agree her fear is justified.
  • Never punish your pet for a fearful response; this will only increase his anxiety and fearful behavior as well as your frustration.
  • Place your pet as far from the noise as possible with doors, windows, blinds and drapes closed.
  • Use a white-noise machine, ceiling fan, bathroom blower, radio or TV to block out or buffer the offending sounds.
  • If you can, distract your pet either through play or if they enjoy it, by brushing them.
  • Consider a Thundershirt for your dog or pet. Much like a baby swaddler, this garment does seem to reduce anxiety among some—not all—dogs and cats if used correctly. It’s not too expensive and it’s a drug-free option to try.
  • Medications and other treatments are available. Simply Make An Appointment and we’ll be happy to discuss your options and ways we can help you and your pet.

IMPORTANT…Microchip Your Pet

Every year you hear about pets that have either run away or been lost during storms, fireworks displays and natural disasters. That’s why it’s important that your pets wear collars and identification tags…AND that they be microchipped. Unlike a collar, a chip can’t be lost and if your pet is found, he or she can be identified quickly by a clinic or shelter. Microchipping your pet takes seconds and is painless. If you’ve questions, visit our Pet Microchip page or just give us a call and we’ll tell you all about it.

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