Protect Your Cat with Revolution

Protect Your Cat and Save Money with Revolution

Once-a-Month Application Protects Your Cat From Fleas, Heartworms, Ear Mites & Multiple Parasites   “We highly recommend Revolution to our cat owners because even indoor kitties are at risk of parasites,” explains Dr. Tordrup. “Family dogs, houseplant potting soil and dirty litter boxes can promote parasites. You can even track parasites in on your shoes. “Plus, many cat […]

Pet Poisons

How To Protect Your Pet From Poisoning

Protect Your Pet from Poisoning Are you aware of the common toxins that can poison your pet? Here are just some:   Common Foods Poisonous to Pets: Chocolate, grapes, raisins and currants, sugar-free gum and candy, fatty table scraps, onions, garlic, Macadamia nuts, unbaked bread dough and alcohol. Read more.   Top 10 Plants Poisonous to Pets: Autumn […]

Sleeping cat

Does Your Pet Dream? Yes!

Ever hear your dog making little muffled barking noises while sleeping? Or watch your napping cat twitch her paws or tail? Well, if you think they’re dreaming, there’s evidence to support the fact that you’re right. In fact, dogs, cats and every mammal studied has experienced dreams, according to There are two main types […]